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About us

Cosmos Power is the distributor and VAR (Value-Added Reseller) of Astec Standard Product since 1993 for the Asean region. Emerson Network Power had acquired both Astec and Arteysn.


Alvic Power Systems is a division of Cosmos Power (Singapore) Pte Ltd taking charge of assembly/testing/packing and shipping of finished products. Cosmos Power focus on Sales and Marketing.


The industry we service includes industrial automation, semiconductors, medical, hard disk, telecom industries, process control, life-science manufacturing and test equipment.


We provide sales and after-sales support of all Astec standard power products which include DC-DC converter, AC-DC standard switch mode power supplies, Linear power supplies, modified standards and power system integration to specific customer requirement.


With acquisition of Artesyn by Emerson, we carry Artesyn DC-DC converter and AC-DC switching power supplies as well.